3 Mindset Exercises For Your Weight Loss Journey

Woman looking in mirror

Here are 3 short mindset exercises to help you in your weight loss journey.


Think about 3 physical things that you like about yourself – voice, hair, feet, skin, the colour of your eyes, etc …  Focus on these 3 things at regular intervals every day for the next week.

Use some language – I deserve to like these things about myself, I enjoy liking these things about myself, I am worthy of thinking these things about myself …

You might allow yourself to reflect on why you like them?  But just keep doing it – it’s the consistency of focusing on these body parts that makes this exercise so powerful in reversing negative self-dialogue.


Catch the Thought:

Write down 3 situations in which you could talk to yourself more positively

Challenge the Thought

For one of the situations, list some of the negative things you say about yourself

Change the Talk

Now think about replacing the negative words with more positive statements about yourself and the situation

Now repeat for the other 2 situations.

When you change the way you feel about things, the things around you change!


The next time that you look in the mirror (for those of you that do look in mirrors – not everyone does so if they can avoid it), instead of seeing blemishes, wrinkles, imperfections, weight issues etc, tell yourself that you are beautiful/handsome – you don’t have to say this out loud unless you want to.

It will likely feel unbelievable and strange at first, but remember to do it and just keep doing it every time you see your reflection (stick up a post-it to remind yourself!).  It may be that you catch your reflection in a shop window as you go by, say to yourself “hey gorgeous!!!”.

This method may seem rather flippant, however, what you are doing is not only re-writing your internal script, but you are also raising your vibrational energy and releasing fabulous feel-good endorphins.

You are reprogramming your subconscious mind into having a very positive default setting when you think about yourself, and the natural consequence of this is that you start to realise that you deserve to treat yourself better when it comes to food choices.  It is very simple but awesomely powerful!

Within a week or so, it starts to feel the norm, and within 10 days to 2 weeks, you will find that someone is going to say to you “hey, you look great! Have you changed something about yourself?