A Life Lesson on Trust & Faith

lone tree in pink meadow

Recently in the media I’ve been hearing a lot about words such as your Higher Self, Soul, Spirit, the Divine Order, but what do they all actually mean?

We’ve very little tangible evidence in our everyday lives that relates to the supposed power, peace & meaningfulness that they give us.  To many people they are just words.

Myself, I’m a very spiritual being –  though I didn’t used to be.  However, in my early 50s, life took an unexpected & painful path for me, and in order to try to help myself, I explored the possibility that there may be more to life than just my day-to-day existence.  Someone mentioned that I should get in touch with my Higher Power.  I had no idea what they were talking about!

I was in a very bleak place – full of anger, injustice, resentment and pain at what had occurred.  I couldn’t make sense of why such an injustice had happened to me.  I felt that I was a good and decent person and that I was entitled to a certain type of life but suddenly it wasn’t happening for me.  And I got angry about losing what I thought I should have!  What I believed I deserved.  And I got really angry that the life I had been leading & loving had been cruelly taken away.  I was in a place of pure torment & pain.

So then I thought into it more, and realised that I had been believing that I was living a safe life that I had power over.  So naturally that belief had given me a sense of peace, control and empowerment.  Nothing smug about that but my life had been happily rolling along with all its ups and downs.  Many of our lives are similar.  But the reality is that life can change in an instant.  And should that happen, then all our systems, beliefs, procedures, controls etc – the parameters of our lives – are shattered and we start to look at life differently.

This is what happened to me.  My 5 senses were craving justice, fairness, immediate gratification – but that was never going to happen.  I had to go deeper in order to go to a higher altitude.  It may sound mad, but when I accepted that there was a bigger picture at play here that was not being revealed to me at that time, and when I turned myself over to trust in a Higher Order, I was able to forgo all the misery that my 5 senses were crying out about, and I put it all out to trust.  That is what ended my dark night.

And sure enough – my life did change for the better.  Much better.

Here are 3 of the lessons I learned:

  • No one is entitled to anything on this planet.
  • It’s impossible to be in prison unless we put ourselves there.
  • We are as happy as we intend to be.

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