A Weight Loss Mindset

Healthy salad

I have been working in the field of hypnotherapy for many years and see many clients with weight management issues:  People who have been on a spiral of yo-yo dieting for many years and who are actually gradually increasing their weight rather than losing it!

I receive phone calls from prospective clients saying, “Gillian, I need you to help me with my relationship with food!”  I hear their concerns, but what I know is that it is actually their ‘relationship with themselves’ that is key!

Many of my clients have been ‘battling’ with their weight for years, rarely – if ever – meeting their weight loss goals, and if they do, then this can involve a celebration – eating lots of the ‘forbidden’ foods that they have been denying themselves!

I have had clients who wish to lose a significant amount of weight so that they can go on holiday and ‘proper binge out’! And so many of my clients swear to themselves that on Monday they will start rigidly sticking to their diet only to find a short time later that they have started to sabotage their good intentions.

Healthy salad

There are many national and international Slimming Clubs – each with its own methodologies and recommendations to help people to healthily, successfully & sustainably lose weight.  Some people do indeed lose weight and can even become “Slimmer of the Year”.

However, these people are in the minority because figures show that around 73% of the client base of these clubs are Repeat Customers – people who have been attending, off and on, for 20, 30, even 40 years!

I know that these clubs offer much positive advice & support to their clients, however, it seems to me that it is not in the clubs’ interests to teach people effective & lasting mindset techniques as they would effectively lose around 70% of their business!!!

So how do you change your mindset? 

Here are some ways:

Hypnosis is exceedingly effective in reprogramming the self-sabotage button in your sub-conscious.

Coaching tools:

  • Changing your self-talk – words & language are crucial in boosting a positive self-identity
  • Living in your present, instead of re-living your past
  • Replacing that harsh Inner Critic, who is masquerading as being helpful, with the Inner Coach
  • Raising your personal awareness & developing self-care strategies
  • Consciously discovering gratitude – it is a natural, powerful, healing tool that helps to refocus, re-charge and re-calibrate as well as much else.

I could write on and on but I am running out of space. If you would like more information or a free telephone consultation, then please get in touch.