Article on How To Get Focused & Happy! Published in I-On Magazine


Forget the past, live for the moment. Gillian Dalgliesh, motivational speaker, life coach and director of Slim Think, shares her five steps to happiness.

1 Focus

Focus is a powerful tool for achieving goals and attaining happiness. Whatever you focus on grows, whether positive or negative. If you’re not sure what you wish to achieve, you will become muddled and frustrated. Identify clear goals like losing weight and you will have more chance of achieving them.

2 Count your blessings

Concentrate on the positive things in your life in order to encourage better things. Buy a notebook and write down a minimum of three positive things that happen each day. Re-read them and try to hold onto the positive effect they have on you.

3 Destroy your limiting beliefs

Limited self-belief can cause negative conditioning but it’s possible to eradicate it. What do David Beckham, Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson all have in common? They all found the motivation to achieve a dream and so can you. Buy an inspirational book about someone who accomplished a goal similar to yours.

4 Be careful what you think

Many people don’t realise that you create your life with thoughts. Every thought you’ve had led to an emotion, which then led to a decision, which led to an action. Your thoughts shape your reality. Write down your goals and visualise yourself having achieved them. How would you feel? What would be different?

5 Live in the present

The past is exactly that, the past. The future is an illusion that hasn’t happened yet. All that matters is the present, because that’s what creates your future. Build the future that you desire from the present moment. The conscious decisions you make have an enduring effect on your life.