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Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn

Lunch & Learn Sessions

  • Stress Management & Wellbeing
  • Weight Management & Wellbeing

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These one-hour taster sessions are held in your office and present an opportunity for your employees to experience a combination of mindfulness & resilience techniques to dramatically improve their everyday lives.

They are fun, interactive and demonstrate easy-to-learn practical tips & techniques that ensue positive changes with immediate effect!

Stress Management Programme

  • Recognising stress before it becomes a problem
  • The corrosive effect of repetitive stress on the body and mind
  • A set of simple yet powerful practices that can immediately be incorporated into daily life to break the cycle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness & exhaustion.

Stress-Busting Techniques include:

  • Building Resilience 
  • The Gut/Brain connection (the psycho-biological effects of unhealthy eating)
  • Digital Detoxing
  • Self-hypnosis
  • The Power of our Thoughts
  • The Power of our Self Language
  • Mind Control Techniques
  • Energy-Psychology – A collection of mind-body methods to rapidly break habitual negative patterns of thoughts & behaviours

This programme is customised to clients’ requirements and can be run as a one-day, half-day or as 2 hour modules.

Follow up: On-line or in-person personal coaching sessions

Weight Management & Wellbeing Programme

It’s not about your relationship with food, it’s about your relationship with yourself that is key!  

This course helps to install increased self-support, self-belief, self-regard etc to create a very much more positive self-identity.  It’s a loving self-care package and results in healthy, successful & sustainable reduction in weight & shape.

It raises awareness of the power of one’s mind and all the inherent tools & techniques you have at your disposal to finally take control and achieve a healthy weight & shape.

Areas covered include:

  • Beliefs
  • Weight Timeline
  • Historic eating patterns in Context
  • The Self-Sabotage Factor
  • Life Balance

The course is customised to clients’ requirements and can be run as a one-day, half-day or as 2 hour modules

Follow up: On-line or in-person personal coaching sessions 

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