Creating Your Perfect Life

For many of us, life can be tough at times, so I’m writing this article today because I recently experienced a negative situation:   I thought about it a lot – reflecting on the negativity of it and the fear of the possible consequences.  Then I realised that I was living in the problem more than I was living in the solution!

As I speak with clients, I realise more and more that most of us are the same – many of us spend our lives living in our problem mentality rather than in our solution mentality.  So I’ve created a meditation to lift us out of that state-of-mind and elevate us to a different perspective.  This powerful Meditation is in 2 parts.  I’ve included the first part in this article, but I don’t have enough space here to include Part 2.  If you’d like the additional information on how to action & turbo boost the positive changes in your life, then sign up to my website for Mindset Tips.

Part One

I’d like you to imagine that it’s a year from now and everything in your life has changed for the better!!!  What would that mean?  What would have to change for you?

So let’s start with thinking about your work – your job, career, perhaps you run a business, your professional aspirations … How would it all look?

What would you be doing?  Where would you be?  What would have changed?  How would you have changed it?

What about your health?  What would your optimum level of health and wellbeing feel like?  How would you feel?  What would you now be able to do?  What would you have changed?  What new habits would you have?

Now think about your relationships – family, friends, professional – how would they have improved?  How do you now interact with people differently?  What would you have changed?  How are they now reacting and acting towards you?

What are your finances like?  How much money do you have in your bank account?  What is this enabling you to do?   New home, holidays, adventures?   What has therefore changed?  How do you feel?

How is your Love Life?  Who is in your life?  What makes this the ideal person?  What sorts of things are you sharing together?  What happy experiences are your sharing?  What is the future you are looking forward to sharing together?

What does your home look like?  Where is it?  Do you own it or rent it?   How many rooms does it have? Does it have a garden?  How is it decorated?  Who’s mutually happily sharing your home with you?   What’s your connection?

What’s your ideal weight & shape?  Where are you on your successful, ideal, weight management journey?  Have you achieved your ideal weight & shape?  If not, how close are you to achieving it?  How does that feel?

If you are studying for academic qualifications, how does it feel now that you’ve achieved academic success, or are successfully on the way to realise your expectations?

So, if you’re following my lead, you’ve just projected yourself into a very optimistic & successful vision of your future.  Get in touch for more information on how to deepen & embody the experience.