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  • “MIND MAGIC!!!” My new series of Webinar Workshops to enrich your life – learn the secrets of success

October is from the Latin word ‘octo’ which means 8. The number 8 is said to be a symbol of wealth, prosperity, peace & fertility. October is normally the time of year when farmers harvest their crops … and it’s the number that represents creation – the major force from which all other numbers come.

So my theme this month is Creation – CREATING A DIFFERENT MINDSET. Your future is being formed right now within your conscious and subconscious mind. What you believe and habitually visualise is the underlying basis of everything you experience as reality.

If a negative inner life creates a negative outer life, then the opposite is also true. The secret to success is in learning how to transform your inner landscape so your life fulfills your highest promise, and not your worst fears.

Read on to find out more ……

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I was watching a nature programme recently. It featured big cats – tigers, lions etc. I was watching a tiger as it walked. These big cats are unapologetic about their power. They’re enchanting because they put their full force into each and every step.

These powerful beings are totally aligned with their present, their presence, their power, their purpose and their capacities. It gives them focus, peace and the confidence of success. They’re beautiful and what joy to witness!

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if we could all incorporate this into our daily lives for ourselves????

Unfortunately, many of us can’t actually align with this feeling and we doubt our abilities and feel like a fraud. It’s labelled Imposter Syndrome. Paradoxically, it disproportionately often affects high-achieving people, who find it difficult to accept their accomplishments. (Especially women). Many of us question whether we’re deserving of accolades.

From a hypnotherapist’s point of view, this is known as “Cognitive Dissonance” – the mental discomfort from holding 2 opposing points of views which results in conflicting beliefs, attitudes & behaviours. At a conscious level you know, from experience, that you are competent, able and have a history of success, however there are dissonant beliefs and cognitions which override all of that and they cause you to experience self doubt, overthinking and discomfort.

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Hypnotherapy can help you to shift those unnecessary, unhealthy & redundant beliefs, quickly & safely in order to align you with your own peace, belief and power. If you would like to have a free 30 minute Discovery Call to find out more, then please call me. I’d be delighted to hear from you and to have a chat.

*Imposter Syndrome was originally published in the October Edition of the Stockbridge Spotlight

Imposter Syndrome – Free Webinar

In October, I’ll be running a free Webinar about MANAGING IMPOSTER SYNDROME. Get in touch if you’d like more details.


Join me for my new series of “MIND MAGIC” webinars starting in October – fun, weekly workshops with techniques to help you to transform your inner mind so your life fulfils your highest promise!

Health, love, prosperity, self-confidence, inner peace – there is nothing you cannot create or improve when you work with your own MIND!

The power of thought is the only thing over which you have unquestionable control!!!

Easily mastered techniques.

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