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Emilia Ferenc
22 July 2024

If you are here means you just did the first step, now go and book this lady! She helped me a lot, I've overcome some of my challenges, I'm recommending her form the bottom of my heart! If you are facing some life turbulences this is a way to go! Gillian will navigate you and help you overcome many of troubles.

Lorna Pellet
10 June 2024

An incredibly well laid out and simple to use book explaining how to use your subconscious mind to simply and sustainably override negative habits, thoghts and behaviours that have been impacting your life. Informative, insightful and life changing. Than you Gillian!!

Evie Mclaren
9 May 2024

From the initial informal chat I had with Gillian over the phone, I was set completely at ease. My first experience with hypnotherapy, this has delivered real results for me, and I'd highly recommend Gillian (and her powerful 'chair of change!') to anyone considering it. Gillian shows great warmth and understanding, and I felt really tuned in to me. So, thanks so much, Gillian, and no doubt I will be back for a top-up session if I feel I need it!

Isobel Lytwyn
27 April 2024

This is the 4th time that I have had sessions with Gillian. Gillian is a very experienced therapist. If you have any behaviours/beliefs that you wish to change in your life for a more positive healthy outcome Gillian is the person to go and see. She has helped me enormously change negative behaviours that I have done for many years! I can’t thank Gillian enough as I feel that the changes which I have successfully made have helped me lead a healthier more positive life. I would highly recommend Gillian. Thank you

Lynne De Lorenzo
15 April 2024

What a lovely experience, this is a truely relaxing & insightful therapy.. Gillian is a wonderful therapist, her wealth of experience really comes across. Giving many 'wow' moments making this therapy unique. I felt totally relaxed with Gillian at all times & I could notice the difference in me, after just one session (of which I had four) I Highly recommend Gillian..

Shane Law
4 April 2024

I have been working with Gillian for more than four years now, and she has done an incredible job of supporting me with anxiety management, which thankfully, I no longer suffer from. In addition, Gillian has also helped me with weight loss and many other concerns. From the very start, Gillian made me feel comfortable and at ease. Investing in five sessions with her was the best decision I ever made!

Maria E. Taggart
24 March 2024

I am very glad I've been working with Gillian. She is a top professional and highly intuitive. I was impressed with the programme from the first appointment I had. It is been my first time using hypnosis and I immediately felt notable changes. She made me feel very welcome and comfortable which, it was so important for me. I would definitively and strongly recommend her. Thanks so much to you Gillian.

Dennis Rourke
18 March 2024

Gillian made the difference for me.l was ready to give up smoking and gillian just pushed me over the line.l can't thank her enough.

Sheena Skinner
25 January 2024

Working with Gillian has been an extraordinarily helpful experience. I’ve completed 4 sessions with her and have benefited from them enormously. I’m planning to do top up sessions going forward as and when things arise. Gillian is an intuitive, wise woman and an excellent hypnotherapist who I am keeping close going forward. Highly recommended!

Elizabeth Wood
7 December 2023

Gillian is absolutely marvellous. Warm, business like and professional. I’m so delighted with my results: my weigh loss has seemed effortless.

Carolyn Hughes
30 November 2023

Gillian is the real deal. She is kind, compassionate and her methods work. I would recommend her to anyone who wants results and to feel better in their lives!

Anya Thethy
20 November 2023

I would recommend Gillian in a heartbeat. She is incredibly intuitive, empathetic, insightful and so very good at what she does. I worked with Gillian on a 4 week anti-anxiety block and she has honestly helped me in ways I couldn't even begin to imagine. Life changing.

8 November 2023

Gillian was very helpful and the three sessions were incredibly useful (and will be going forward). At all times I felt heard and understood. I can highly recommend her services.

Roger Singh
1 November 2023

Amazing Experience. Would highly recommend Gillian to anyone out there 👌🏽

I have just completed Gillian’s 4 week course for weight management - having hit a difficult time and seeing my weight rise dramatically. She has helped me reconnect with myself and find inner peace, alongside supporting a change to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. She is worth every penny and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering her services.

1 August 2023

I had 3 sessions with Gillian and I can honestly say that I have never felt as relaxed and stress-free as I do now. Honestly it was like a mystical re-wiring of my thought processes, and where there was anxiety there is now peace, and where there was self-doubt there is now confidence. I can't recommend her enough. Truly transformative, and I will be forever grateful for her guidance and inspiration.

Helen Middlemass
31 July 2023

I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since my husbands death in 2019 . Having tried numerous treatments on the NHS with no success I decided to try private hypnotherapy. I found Gillian and I am glad I did. My life has changed and I feel great since my treatments with Gillian. She is a professional . She is the best. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for what she has done for me. 5*

Pauline McNeil
26 July 2023

I had 4 hypnotherapy sessions with Gillian a few months ago, and can honestly say the experience has been completely life-changing. There was so much holding me back in my recovery from Long COVID, part of which was psychologically crippling anger. Gillian’s hypnotherapy has somehow lifted that yoke from my shoulders, and I feel more emotionally light and free than I have in years. Thank you Gillian, from the bottom of my (recovering) heart 🙏

Claire 77
14 July 2023

It has been a couple of months since my sessions. Between now and then I can see and feel the positive and constructive change in my life, mindset and relationships. From the moment I met Gillian, she had a safe and comforting energy, paired with a calm and cosy environment for the sessions. Gillian provides sessions that are tailored to you and your preferences. I would recommend Gillian’s hypnotherapy to anyone!!

Sarah Clare
13 July 2023

The results I have seen from working with Gillian have been amazing. I feel so much more confident and happier. Couldn't recommend enough


Anxiety & Alcohol:

"I can’t thank you enough, it’s like you get me, know me, & understand what I need. 

I will be in touch again that’s for sure. 

You are an amazing lady who has helped me so much."

Overwhelm/Imposter Syndrome:

“The sessions with Gillian have made an amazing difference to my way of thinking about things. I feel so much more positive about myself, and the people in my life.
I was made to feel relaxed about opening up about feelings. I wish I had known about hypnotherapy years ago. Thank you so much Gillian”


"Thank you hugely for our session last week and the action planner. I have been sitting writing a seminar presenting my new ideas from a recent research project and marvelling at how comfortable and productive I feel. That would have been impossible before seeing you so thank you!"

General Wellbeing:

"Working with Gillian was an absolute joy. I found my sessions to be super helpful, insightful and valuable from the very first appointment. I had extremely positive outcomes and am equipped with techniques to keep the work going. Would highly recommend."


"Honestly this is the best I have felt for the last 2 years. Thanks so much for your help and care."

Fear & Anxiety:

"I am OVER the MOON and SO happy with the result!! Working with Gillian has been an incredible experience; from the first consultation phone call to my final session, she has guided and supported me superbly. Through the four sessions, Gillian helped me remove much of the fear and anxiety I had around presenting. I left feeling empowered and deeply grateful to have come across Gillian and her wonderful work”

Weight Management:

"My experience has been fantastic I came for weight loss but as we discovered I needed to find myself first thank you so much for your time and fantastic treatments"


"Things are going really well for me. The only thoughts I have occur after a meal and cup of tea. It feels normal to take a cigarette at this time, but I just ignore this and forget about it without any ongoing thoughts.

It has been so easy since day one, I very rarely think about smoking at all. Breathing so much better, and few coughs which is just great."


"The therapy has been very effective and I have felt truly heard and understood. Whatsmore you have given me the resources to build upon what I have learnt and to remember this should I need to return to it in the future."

Bladder Control:

"I was just telling my friend how much better I feel after our sessions. I had no issues while up in Aberdeen and hardly even think about getting caught short now! Thank you for your excellent work. I’ll definitely be recommending you to friends and family if they have something they need help with!"


"Gillian helped me so much.  I came in very depressed and with lots of weight on my shoulders.  I was having suicidal thoughts every day.  It was horrible.  I found Gillian on the web by chance (she was first coming up when writing Hypnotherapy), read the reviews and sent her an email.  She was very reactive and came back to me on the same day and then gave me a free 30 min call.  I loved her and booked my sessions straight up.  Gillian is caring, loving, strong and lots more, she helped me through my journey and my days are way brighter.  I found a new path and found myself over the darkness that I had.

I really recommend Gillian to everyone I can and I am a bit emotional writing this as it means that my journey with Gillian is finished but I am starting my journey and hopefully you will be the next one thanking Gillian from the bottom of your heart like I did.

Gillian if you read this, I will never thank you enough for what you did for me.  THANK YOU SO MUCH."

Weight Management:

"Thank you, Gillian! I have just completed a 4 week hypnotherapy and weight loss session which has transformed my attitude towards food within this short time period.

Gillian has helped me to understand more about why I was making the choices I used to and set new boundaries, have self care/love, balance and a positive outlook relating to food but most importantly towards myself! I was feeling frustrated and full of anxiety for a long period of time which was having a negative impact on many aspects of my life. Since meeting Gillian and undergoing the hypnotherapy I have shed 9lbs in just over 3 weeks (without dieting), given up on my addiction to coke zero ( I have not had any which is a miracle! ) and most importantly, I no longer crave processed , fatty food and alcohol.

Gillian has taught me to enjoy food and alcohol in moderation and made it easy for me to make positive choices. I no longer eat as a result of my emotions and have found my love for cooking and fitness again! I will continue to implement all the positives I have gained from these sessions. I highly recommend and hope anyone who is struggling and needs that little help up can find that in Gillian. I did!"

Over-Thinking, Anxiety & Self-Doubt:

"Firstly I would like to thank you immensely for my first session last week. It was without doubt an amazing experience!

The day after the session I went to Asda and struggled to pick a birthday card for someone and again started sending photos to friends for help. Normally this process involves me breaking out into a sweat, panicking and afterwards I'm left dwelling in my negative thoughts that i wasn't able to make a decision for myself. None of this happened despite me asking for opinions! This was the first and last incident which i wasn't able to to make my own decisions!  I went to Next and without any assistance i managed to do a lovely shop for my kids.  I haven't been able to do this for at least a couple of years now. I haven’t experienced any on-going anxiety.  I feel a lot happier, content and patient."

Fear of Driving:

I hope you are well and had a good weekend. I just wanted to give you some feedback as I was away with the car this weekend! 

So Friday evening I felt much calmer - I would normally have started to fixate on the need to sleep and fretting about driving from tea time onwards till I went to bed and it would escalate as we have already discussed. 

I had none of that – it was there a wee bit in background but I was able to shut it down and get to sleep. I woke a couple of times through the night but had no immediate panic or worry about sleep and driving  etc and had no difficulty in getting back to sleep at all. 

On the Saturday night I was staying over at a friends and again I wasn’t fixated on sleep and driving in the evening as I would usually have been. However I did have some difficulty getting to sleep - my head felt really busy and flitting from topic to topic but again it wasn’t really about sleep and driving. I didn’t feel anxious or panicked which is amazing!

Overall Gillian I can tell you that my experience over the weekend is in complete contrast to how I was before seeing you. I feel it is a start and next time I am away in a fortnight I hope to build on the success of this weekend and recognise the positive changes in my thoughts and anxiety levels. 

Thank you so much again for all your support advice and help."

Fear of Flying:

"I thought I would just drop you a quick note to let you know I successfully flew to Florida and back with no issues!  I can’t say as I enjoy the whole flying experience per se but I had no fear, or sweaty hands or heart palpitations - which was a joy and relief.  I even let my Mum have the window seat which is a first as I always want that one!

Thank you so much for all your assistance in helping me overcome this fear, I have highly recommended you to several people already."

Driving Test Nerves:

"This is the second time in my life when I have went to Gillian for hypnotherapy to help manage some stresses in life. On this occasion it was to help manage anxiety, improve concentration and memory for my first driving test which was this morning! I passed first time after learning for over a year! The hypnotherapy definitely helped me keep calm and focus on what was required. Once again, I thank Gillian for her skill and professionalism. Comes highly recommended to those planning their driving test!"


"Hey Gillian, Dropping a line to thank you for helping me becoming a happy ex-smoker. The need to smoke is gone! I had zero pangs, even while sitting in the sun-soaked, street-side terraces of French bars and cafes over the weekend, surrounded by smokers. Many Thanks."