The Difference Between Gut Instinct, Anxiety & Intuition

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There’s been a lot of mention in the media about tapping into our intuition & using our intuition.  But what exactly is intuition and how can we recognise it, use it and trust it?    Also, how can we recognise the differences between gut, anxiety & intuition?  I’ve written a synopsis below:

What is Gut Feeling

Gut feeling is generally about how we feel right now.  It’s a basic & immediate feeling and is usually a response to something external – an opportunity to adapt to ‘dangers’.  It’s a lot like fight, flight or freeze – an instinct born of survival needs. 

Gut feeling tends to be reactive to other people’s actions or situations.  It’s a response that can keep us safe and alive.   So it’s about survival or analysis of a situation & protection.  Here is an example “I stubbed my toe while going to the loo in the night time. My gut instinct is that it might happen again. So now I am very careful about my foot placement at night”

What is Anxiety

Some clients ask me “What’s the difference between gut instinct and anxiety?”.  

One of the easiest ways to tell the difference between a gut instinct and anxiety is by how long your symptoms last.  A gut instinct is often a reaction to an immediate situation.  Anxiety, on the other hand, might be present regardless of its relevance to your current experience.

Take that dark parking garage, for instance. If you experience a desire to run quickly to your car, that might be your gut instinct guiding you away from danger. But if you feel that level of anxiety all day long, well, it’s probably anxiety.

What is Intuition

Intuition is the exact opposite of gut feeling.  

The difference between gut instinct and intuition is that gut instinct is not a reliable guide to building innovative processes in creative thinking.

Gut feeling is about survival – doing whatever is necessary to keep us safe and alive.  It’s very connected with fearful and reactive behaviour.

Intuition is a higher level of consciousness – a capacity to sense energies and to create a ripple effect of wise choices for healthy, sustainable change.  It isn’t about doing the bare minimum to survive.  

It’s what I call Mind Magic!  A much higher level frequency than gut instinct and is about responsible actions for the sustainable good of the whole, giving you answers about how you need to move forward in a healthy, positive, comprehensive & sustainable way.  And the great thing is, that we can all access this, for the common good!!!  It’s wonderful in creating the positive, sustainable changes we want in our lives.  

Expand Your Intuition

In my opinion, if you want to start to develop your intuitive abilities, rather than just your gut instinct, then it’s about expanding your awareness from more than just about you & yours, to what would benefit others as well as yourself.  It’s very connected with the equality of giving and receiving:  being of service to yourself and others.

It’s a higher level frequency which is about responsible actions for the good of the whole – the common good – giving you answers about how you need to move forward in a healthy, positive, comprehensive & sustainable way.

A very basic way to start to harness your intuition, is to sit quietly and in peace, and ask yourself some very simple but powerful questions:

  • What do I love doing that doesn’t harm me or others?
  • How can I make a positive, expansive impact with that i.e. how can that benefit more than just me, how can that be of benefit to others?
  • Then in a mindset of love, gratitude & openness, command & allow your divine spark to ignite you.

You may not get the answers you’re expecting/hoping for immediately but please be aware of and note the ensuing changes that occur.  There are no coincidences in life!!!

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