The Extraordinary Power & Benefits of Affirmations

Rewire your brain with positive affirmations

In the recent past, our national news has been talking about many negative things, whether it’s raised energy costs, inflation or something else.  Our news has the power to influence us either negatively or positively, and this article is about how we can use our mind to empower ourselves to CHOOSE – HOW we want to think and feel, and WHAT we want to think and feel in order to improve the quality & peace in our lives.

We can do this by using affirmations.  Please read on to reveal some ‘Mind Magic’!!!!

What is an affirmation and how is it used?

An affirmation is usually a sentence or a phrase – it’s a mixture of powerful words put together in a positive statement.  This statement is repeated regularly throughout the day.  The aim is to program your mind both at a conscious and subconscious level in order to motivate you, to challenge you, and to support you in reaching your full potential in life!

Why are affirmations so powerful?

As a type of positive self-talk, affirmations can help you to alter subconscious thoughts. Research has shown that if we hear something often enough, then we’ll believe it!  Advertisers know this, politicians know this and behavioural psychologists know this:  Repetition the key to changing our thoughts and beliefs.

Just like at the gym – if you exercise or lift weights repeatedly & regularly, you’re going to build up muscle and muscle tone, it’s the same with our minds!!!

If you keep thinking something over and over, you’ll create a belief (negative or positive) and you’ll live your life according to that belief.  Basically, a belief is only a set of words that we keep repeating to ourselves over and over – whether that’s positive or negative.  The words we use to ourselves are influenced by the thoughts we have about ourselves.

If we keep having the same thoughts over and over then we’re coding and programming ourselves (either positively or negatively) to believe what we’re hearing.  And our subsequent & corresponding behaviours become our habits and our habits influence the outcomes in our lives, and become our daily realities. It’s very simple, but extraordinarily powerful!

With affirmations we can harness the power of our mind to create massively positive changes in our lives, simply by telling ourselves repeatedly that they’re happening or have already happened!  We are self-programming for success.  We’re creating attitudes of mind that are in alignment with how we intend our lives to be.

Repeating a supportive, encouraging phrase gives it power, and in turn, your belief makes it more likely that you’ll act in ways that make your affirmation become reality.

What’s the difference between an Affirmation and a Mantra?

Affirmations tend to be phrases or short sentences.  A Mantra tends to be about sound.  For example the sound ‘OM’ which is often used in meditation. The single sound has an energetic vibration & resonance that helps to keep one’s mind and body focused on the moment, without thinking about any specific words.

How can I create my Affirmations?

Firstly take some time out to decide what you’d like to have in your life – peace, good family relations, positive outlook, financial security, health, or whatever, and then write out some statements that reflect that.

Keep them in the Present Tense:

IMPORTANT – It’s very important to keep your statements in the present tense.  If you say things like “I want to achieve something …. “  you’re implying that you don’t already have it.  That it’s some future goal that you haven’t attained.  That sets up a subconscious sense of lack and of effort involved in trying to achieve it.

So instead keep your statements in the present tense, for example:

“I can effectively & sustainably make positive changes in my life and I choose to do so.”

“I have the power to identify how I can change my future for the better.”

“I really do control my mind.”

“I am able to effectively manage the tasks ahead of me today.”

So note the tenses of the language of those 4 statements:

I can, I have, I do, I am

You’re programming yourself in the present tense and by repeating such positive statements over and over to yourself, you’ll soon see the magic happening in your life!  You raise your vibrations like you already have it and the Universe responds accordingly by sending you opportunities, possibilities and potentials!

How do I use Affirmations?

There are many different ways of using affirmations, but what it boils down to is implementing them in your life in a way that is practical, not intrusive to others, easily integrated into your everyday life, and that you will remember, or be reminded, to do them regularly.

Intention Setting:

I’m very enthusiastic about intention setting.   In my experience it is a massively powerful self-support tool.

Intention setting is very different from simply ‘desire’.  Desire is aligned with ‘to want, to hope for, to wish for a particular thing or experience.   It’s weak as it’s imbued with doubt – will these things actually manifest?   Intention setting has to do with a purpose upon which one’s mind is concentrated and fixed.  It’s incredibly powerful to use our minds in this way and repetition, as I’ve been explaining is a phenomenally powerful manifester – positively or negatively.

So ……… If you have decided that affirmations are a way forward for you to change your life for the better, or even if you just think you’d like to give them a try, then it’s very important that you set an intention to include them in your daily life and make a commitment to being very clear about what they are.

MIND MAGIC MOMENT – It doesn’t matter if you believe affirmations are going to make a significant positive difference in your life, or not.  Just simply commit to doing them for say, 30 days, and note differences that occur.  Just enjoy this, keep an open mind and be very mindful of changes that occur in your life.

(If you were unwell and you went to your doctor and they gave you a medicine to fix you and you didn’t take it, you couldn’t expect to feel much different, could you?)

How to Easily Implement the Affirmations in our Daily Lives:

Most of us have rituals that we follow each morning – washing our face, brushing our teeth, showering, having a coffee, meditation, exercise – whatever.  These are things that are important to us and crucial tools in our self-care and self-support. So why not get your mind on board here and include some affirmations too!

Set your intention to regularly repeat your affirmations throughout the day – including your affirmations into your daily habits.  They become part of your daily start up routine and they’re just as important as brushing your teeth.  By setting intentions it gives our mind a road map of how we expect our day to pan out and the benefits we can expect from them.

Methods of Including Affirmations in our Daily Lives

Some people simply stand in front of a mirror each morning or evening and say them out loud.  If you’re going to do this – then don’t be wishy-washy about it!  Get your body on board – say them like they’ve already happening or have happened and you’re excited because you’re already reaping the benefits.

We programme our bodies as well as our minds in this way.  High 5!  Whoop!  Clap your hands.  Throw your hands in the air!  How would you move to celebrate success!!!!!

Or perhaps you prefer to write them on sticky notes and put them up in places you can see them regularly – bathroom mirror, side of your computer, fridge etc.

Some people like to journal their affirmations and go into a slightly deeper reflection.  Some people can affirm them with a Mantra sound.

Some people like to include them as part of their daily meditation and repeat them over and over again while in a meditative state.

My method is that I set an alarm on my phone and every hour, it signals to me that it’s time for me to reconnect with my affirmations.

And I’m going to let you into a little secret here.  It’s part of what I call my MIND MAGIC techniques.  It’s so simple and yet so powerful:

I have an alarm on my phone that goes off at different times over the day.  I then set a timer on my phone for 60 seconds and then I keep repeating my affirmation over and over until the 60 seconds bell goes.  I know that I’m 100% programming myself in this positive way and I also know that it 100% works.   (I get so many clients that have been doing similar but in a negative way  –  they regularly repeat to themselves what they don’t want – unwittingly programming themselves for more of the same simply by directing their attention to the negative.  So what they’re doing is programming themselves negatively by continually thinking about what they don’t want in their lives, rather than what they do want.  THINK ABOUT IT NOW  – IS THIS YOU?????!!!!!!)

Whatever your affirmation, it’s fine whether you say it silently or you say it out loud – whatever works for you.

The method you choose doesn’t matter. What matters much more is that the method resonates with you and that you repeat it regularly!!!!!!

Believability – will this work for me?

They say that there are no guarantees in this life.  Personally, I disagree with that – there are things that we can guarantee and a significant thing that we can guarantee is change.  Life is in perpetual motion – that’s not just the word of Gillian Dalgliesh, that’s quantum physics.

We all have the propensity for change and I wholeheartedly believe that the regular use of focused Affirmations is a significant & powerful way to elicit positive change.

TRY IT AND SEE!!!!!!!!!

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