A 21 Day Online Weight Loss Challenge!

Weight Loss is a concerning aspect of many people’s lives – especially so due to Lockdown. So I am launching a 21 Day Online Weight Loss Challenge where I give you 21 days of Mind Hacks & Self Help Strategies to Positively Empower You to be able to have the control to sustainably shift those unwanted lbs!  It’s Weight Loss Without Willpower!!!!

I’ve successfully helped thousands of people to achieve the weight & shape of their dreams with Coaching, Shifting their Mindsets & Self Beliefs & using Hypnotherapy getting very fast results. And I now have something AWESOME just for you!

I want to help as many people as possible, so it’s not expensive.

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Just £35 for the whole course - and this includes a FREE Visualisation Hypnosis Sound Track VALUE £15!!!!!

Get Ready To Launch The New You!!!

Sign up now – the course also includes a Bonus Track: A Weight Loss Visualisation Meditation worth £15 just by itself!


Experience my revolutionary method to finally get in control of your eating and mindset habits, and progressively & sustainably reach your desired shape.

ONLY £35

Includes Bonus Weight Loss Visualisation Meditation worth £15 just by itself!

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"We worked very successfully online, Gillian understood me more than I have, I never thought I could change my attitude towards eating. I have spent over 20 years trying do it myself, Gillian has helped me look at myself differently and really helped me to understand how my thinking works."

Norman Clerk

MINDSET is the key to healthy & sustainably reducing your weight & shape.

It's not so much about your relationship with food, it's actually about your relationship with yourself! 

What you tell yourself, how you speak to yourself, what you believe about yourself & how you treat yourself are key components in the success or failure of any weight loss plan. 

Most of us think that if we talk harshly to ourselves, that that will keep us motivated and on the straight & narrow.  Actually, in my experience, it's the opposite that's true.

The inner critic masquerades as being helpful, but by replacing the inner critic with the inner coach - the kind, loving, supportive, compassionate & encouraging coach, you will soon see how quickly & sustainably you get control over your food & drink choices.

Basically, it's about becoming your own best friend!!!

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21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

The course is not about calories or dieting.
It's 21 Mindset Hacks that can liberate you from the thinking that has been causing you to yo-yo diet and gradually increase your weight over the years, rather than lose it!

Just £35 for 21 ways to get in control of your eating and mindset habits!

What is Included?

Finding your WHY!  Why you want to lose weight and why you haven't been able to!

Your beliefs! - do you actually BELIEVE that you can lose weight and keep it off?

Easy Goal Setting & Targets - how to set SMART targets!

Visualisation - Einstein said "Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited,  Imagination encircles the world!"  Basically, if you can't let the slim & healthy you live in your mind, it's going to be very difficult to let her/him be part of your daily life!

Strategic Planning - easy strategies to support your weight loss

Reframing the idea of "being on a diet" - the word "diet" conjures up discipline, willpower, self-control etc - see how a simple change of phrase can make all the difference!

Moving your body!  - celebrating it instead of condemning it!!

Affirmations - positive affirmations profoundly influence your mindset

Triggers recognising what they are and changing the way you look at things - "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!"

Managing Boredom - Studies have shown that although many people emotionally eat, it is boredom that triggers eating most of all!

Self Talk - the thoughts we put into our minds are more important than the food we put into our mouths!  Our thoughts dictate our success or failure!

Serving yourself - becoming your own personal, loving, loyal servant!

Me Time at the end of the day - becoming accountable to yourself

Intermittent Fasting - this is becoming more and more popular.  It helps the body to burn off excess fat.

Ordered Eating - starting with the greens on your plate!

Recognising hunger - are you hungry or thirsty?

Stepping on the scales/Using weighing scales for food - stopping handing over your control and emotional wellbeing to a set of scales!

Sleep - lack of sleep is a key cause of sugar cravings!

General helpful tips - how colour influences our food choices, celebrating you! using apps, and much more ...

What you’ll receive:

You’ll receive 21 positive weight loss mindset lessons + 21 Self Investment Steps assignments to download.

These lessons will help you to shift your mindset and become so much more self-empowered & positive about reaching your weight loss goals.

The 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge Lessons:

  • Introduction

  • Day 1 Why don't you want to lose weight?

  • Day 2 Do you believe that you can be successful?

  • Day 3 Goals & Targets

  • Day 4 Visualising

  • Day 5 Strategic Planning

  • Day 6 You're not on a diet!

  • Day 7 Movement & Exercise

  • Day 8 Affirmations

  • Day 9 Triggers

  • Day 10 Boredom

  • Day 11 Self Talk

  • Day 12 Plan'n'Prep & Nutrition

  • Day 13 Self Reflection

  • Day 14 Intermittent Fasting

  • Day 15 Eat Your Greens First!

  • Day 16 Are you hungry or thirsty?

  • Day 17 The Scales

  • Day 18 Sleep

  • Day 19 Mind Hacks - Colour, Plates, Mindfulness & Language

  • Day 20 It's not about Willpower!

  • Day 21 Accountability

  • Bonus Track! The Future Present Meditation

    The bonus Ideal Weight & Shape Visualisation Hypnosis Track is a lovely, relaxing way to reinforce your positive mindset and strengthen your intentions. to be all that you can be!

Ready to get out of your own way and start to healthily, happily, successfully & sustainably achieve your ideal weight & shape? SIGN UP NOW - ONLY £35!


Experience my revolutionary method to finally get in control of your eating and mindset habits, and progressively & sustainably reach your desired shape.

ONLY £35

Includes Bonus Weight Loss Visualisation Meditation worth £15 just by itself!

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"Gillian is a very sensitive, gifted lady. After years of struggling with my weight and having tried every diet possible I went to see Gillian. After just one session, my attitude to food, alcohol and exercise all changed for the better."

Anne Quin

Are you tired of trying Slimming Clubs?

Slimming clubs are a global billion dollar industry – but did you know that around a whopping 76% of their clients are repeat business?  Some people have been attending the slimming club meetings for 20, 30, 40+ years.

They may be able to lose weight over the period that they are attending, but they put it back on again (and often more) and have to keep going back.  Why would that be?

The clubs offer all sorts of support, products, websites, information etc, but what they don’t offer is an obvious sustainable mindset change!  Why would they?  If they were to offer people a way to radically change their mindset so that they get lasting control of their weight, then they would miss out on 76% of their billion dollar business!

Healthy & successful weight management is not about your relationship with food so much as your relationship with yourself!

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How can we start to re-programme ourselves?

Your mind holds the key to you achieving and maintaining healthy weight management. 

You have the power and the ability to achieve the weight loss you desire & to maintain it.  

However, we can all be so caught up with fulfilling our day-to-day commitments that we often don’t find the time to embrace what we want and acknowledge how our present attitudes and inner talk are preventing us from achieving it.

To create positive & sustainable change is it essential to:

  • Invest time in your emotional self

  • Focus on what you want (rather than what you don’t want)

  • Consciously create a positive self image

  • Raise your awareness of the negative language you are using towards yourself and re-script it

By investing in the above you are creating powerful ways of re-programming the ‘self-sabotage’ button and shedding those pounds permanently!

Get started with my 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge for 21 days of Mind Hacks & Self Help Strategies!


Experience my revolutionary method to finally get in control of your eating and mindset habits, and progressively & sustainably reach your desired shape.

ONLY £35

Includes Bonus Weight Loss Visualisation Meditation worth £15 just by itself!

Make 2022 your year of successful weight loss follow-through!

Grab your place TODAY and get started in the comfort & privacy of your home.