Help with Alcohol Consumption

Are you experiencing a negative spiral of dependent behaviour with regards to your alcohol intake? Perhaps Lockdown made it worse and you're now fighting a regular battle to control your intake?

You will receive intensive support from me and a variety of methods to retrain your relationship with alcohol, including hypnotherapy.

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How Does It Work?

George got in touch because he had an alcohol problem. He lives in England so we worked online over Zoom and WhatsApp. He had a successful career but each weekend he started drinking on the Friday, and it was always then accompanied by substance abuse.

It made him paranoid and he was unable to go out during the weekend other than to get alcohol or drugs. It was affecting his relationship with his partner, his family, and starting to affect his work.

He subscribed to a 4 session package to help him deal with this issue.

After only one session, he experienced phenomenal change! He was able to tap into the subconscious aspect of himself that was causing him to feel that he needed alcohol to unwind, destress & enjoy himself.

His subconscious mind gave him the information that the root of the problem was a feeling of lack of status & not feeling as good as everyone else in his teenage years, which he masked with alcohol.

Once he recognised and acknowledged that, he was able to reprogramme it with genuine feelings of worthiness, self-belief and self-esteem.

He was on a journey of self-awareness, self-empowerment & joy! He now has a very healthy relationship with alcohol - he got his control back and he can take it or leave it. Also, he has never again used drugs.

To see how I can help you cope with excessive alcohol use please get in touch today.

Stop or Reduce Drinking Alcohol Appointment

Available online or in person.

60 minute session £135
90 minute session £175
4 appointment package £575


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