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Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss

Are you a yo-yo dieter?  Constantly on the treadmill of weight loss & weight gain – often putting on even more weight than you lost?  Wondering how you can be very successful in so many areas of your life and yet successful, healthy & sustainable weight loss is unattainable?

Most people believe that in order to reduce their weight, they need to address their relationship with food.  Actually it goes deeper than that – it’s your relationship with yourself!

I have helped thousands of clients to change their mindset & happily, easily & sustainably reduce their weight.

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» Self-Talk
The destructive language we unwittingly use towards ourselves

» Habit
Over a period of time, yo-yo weight loss/gain erodes at our self-belief, self-esteem, and self-worth, and we become conditioned to thinking negatively about ourselves in respect to our weight & shape.

» Inner-Critic
People mistakenly believe that if we speak harshly to ourselves, then that will keep us on the beaten track! Paradoxically, the opposite is generally true.

» Neglect
My clients tend to be successful in most areas of their lives, but weight management eludes them. They focus much of their time & energy on other things & people, and neglect their own emotional needs.

» Eating
We find ourselves eating the ‘wrong’ types of foods, frequently bingeing.

I help you to change all of the above in order to create healthy, successful & SUSTAINABLE weight reduction!

Hypnotherapy supports & reinforces the changes we make and you will find that you can easily reduce & manage your weight without the use of willpower, discipline, or control!

Weight Management Package 

Includes 4 sessions : 1 x 90 minutes, 3 x 60 minutes. Available online or in-person. 

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Hypnotherapy Works

People come to me saying they have tried “every diet under the sun and nothing has worked”.  So how come I have been so successful in reversing that negative trend and empowering clients to finally comfortably achieve their desired weight, without using control, discipline or willpower?

Answer: Hypnotherapy. During the session we will create aversions to certain unhealthy foodstuffs, a positive sense of self, changing destructive self-language & coaching.Smiling woman cutting a pear

The hypnotherapy releases blocks, beliefs and behaviours that you are holding onto at a subconscious level that sabotage their weight loss endeavours.  Then we replace them with wellbeing, self-empowerment, equilibrium & resilience, boosting & amplifying a positive self-identity & self-regard, and many other positive things.

At a conscious level, I also assist clients in changing their language about themselves – our words are incredibly powerful, and people often have no idea how destructive their self-talk is!

How Does It Work?

A client came to me for the Weight Management package. She felt the positive effects after just one session!

What she realised was that her issues were not about her relationship with food, it was about her relationship with herself.

When she got in touch with the subconscious part of herself that was sabotaging her weight loss endeavors (and had been doing so for 30 years!) we were able to reprogramme it from sabotage to self-empowerment.

She told me that it had changed her life – she felt differently about herself, she spoke differently to herself – it was as if she now had an internal inner coach, rather than the inner critic she had been listening to for so long.

Everything in her life improved – her relationship with herself, with others, with her job and her general optimism, vitality, and positivity improved! She had confidence that she had previously only dreamed about having. 

The important thing to remember is that: when you change your mindset like this, the weight loss is successful and sustainable.

Who Can Benefit from Hypnotherapy?

Emotional and unconscious eaters are prime candidates for hypnotherapy.  Successful, sustainable, safe & healthy weight management is about effectively re-programming the “self-sabotage” button in the weight loss mindset.  Hypnotherapy & positive mindset techniques are a potent winning combination!

In addition to the hypnotherapy, it’s about replacing the Inner Critic, who masquerades as being helpful, with the Inner Coach.

If you would like to know more, please call for a free telephone consultation on 07593 082 349.

Mindset for Weight Loss

YoHealthy breakfast foodur mind holds the key to you achieving and maintaining healthy weight management. You have the power and the ability to achieve the weight loss you desire & to maintain it.

However, we can all be so caught up with fulfilling our day-to-day commitments that we often don’t find the time to embrace what we want and acknowledge how our present attitudes and inner talk are preventing us from achieving it.

To create positive & sustainable change it’s essential to:

  • Invest time in your emotional self
  • Focus on what you want (rather than what you don’t want)
  • Consciously create a positive self-image
  • Raise your awareness of the negative language you are using towards yourself and re-script it

By investing in the above you are creating powerful ways of re-programming the ‘self-sabotage’ button and shedding those pounds permanently!

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

The next time that you look in the mirror (for those of you that do look in mirrors – not everyone does so if they can avoid it), instead of seeing blemishes, wrinkles, imperfections, weight issues etc., tell yourself that you are beautiful/handsome – you don’t have to say this out loud unless you want to.

It will likely feel unbelievable and strange at first, but remember to do it and just keep doing it every time you see your reflection (stick up a post-it to remind yourself!). It may be that you catch your reflection in a shop window as you go by, say to yourself “Hey gorgeous!!!”.

This method may seem rather flippant, however, what you are doing is not only re-writing your internal script, but you are also raising your vibrational energy and releasing fabulous feel-good endorphins.

Green measure tape, glass weighing scale

You are reprogramming your subconscious mind into having a very positive default setting when you think about yourself, and the natural consequence of this is that you start to realise that you deserve to treat yourself better when it comes to food choices. It is very simple but awesomely powerful!

Within a week or so, it starts to feel the norm, and within 10 days to 2 weeks, you will find that someone is going to say to you “Hey, you look great! Have you changed something about yourself?

Here are three short mind exercises to help you lost weight.

Weight Management Package £575

Get in touch to start your weight loss journey. I offer a package of 4 sessions, or we can arrange for something else that works for you. Call for a free telephone consultation on 07593 082 349.

“Gillian is a very sensitive, gifted lady. After years of struggling with my weight and having tried every diet possible I went to see Gillian. After just one session, my attitude to food, alcohol and exercise all changed for the better. I’ve seen her another couple of times for reinforcement and would highly recommend her to anyone who had similar issues.” – Anne Quin

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