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Weight Management Package £290

(4 sessions – 1 x 90 minutes, 3 x 60 minutes. Online or In Person).

Most people believe that in order to reduce their weight, they need to address their relationship with food.  Actually it goes deeper than that – it’s your relationship with yourself!  I have helped thousands of clients to change their mindset & happily, easily & sustainably reduce their weight!

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There are 5 key factors that contribute to repeatedly unsuccessful weight loss attempts:

  • Self-Talk

    the destructive language we unwittingly use towards ourselves

  • Habit

    over a period of time, yo-yo weight loss/gain erodes at our self-belief, self-esteem, self-worth etc and we become conditioned to thinking negatively about ourselves in respect of our weight & shape

  • Inner-Critic

    people mistakenly believe that if we speak harshly to ourselves, then that will keep us on the beaten track! Paradoxically, the opposite is generally true!

  • Neglect

    my clients tend to be successful in most areas of their lives, but weight management eludes them They focus much of their time & energy on other things & people, and neglect their own emotional needs

  • Eating

    we find ourselves eating the ‘wrong’ types of foods, frequently bingeing

I help you to change all of the above in order to create healthy, successful & SUSTAINABLE weight reduction!  Hypnotherapy supports & reinforces the changes we make and you will find that you can easily reduce & manage your weight without the use of willpower, discipline or control!

Read here how mindset can help with weight loss and here are a few short exercises that can help with your weight loss journey.

I've also written about superfoods that give you benefits, and I offer some tips on healthy eating here.

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Stop alcohol concept. Person refuse to drink alcohol.

Stop or Reduce Drinking Alcohol - £275

(4 sessions – 1 x 90 minutes, 3 x 60 minutes. Online or In Person).

Are you experiencing a negative spiral of dependent behaviour with regards to your alcohol intake? Has Lockdown made this worse?You will receive intensive support from me and a variety of methods retrain your relationship with alcohol, including hypnotherapy.

A bearded man is meditating outdoor in the park with face raised up to sky and eyes closed on sunny summer day. Concept of meditation, dreaming, wellbeing and healthy lifestyle

Managing Anxiety - £275

(4 sessions – 1 x 90 minutes, 3 x 60 minutes. Online or In Person).

A powerful combination of coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP, mindfulness and other techniques to help you regain control, peace of mind & your happiness!!

Breake down cigarette.Quitting from addiction concept.

Stop Smoking - £199

(Generally 1 or 2 sessions is all that is required. Reinforcement sessions if required. Online or In Person)

You will receive intensive support from me and a variety of methods to help you to comfortably break your habit, including hypnotherapy.