Conscious Creation – Manifesting a Successful Future

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Visualising – Our Imagination is a Powerful Tool

Visualisation is a commonsense success strategy that can keep you motivated and focused to achieve your goals.  It’s about applying our powerful gift of imagination to our motivation, faith and confidence.

It’s said that everything we create happens twice – first in our imagination and then in our lives.  So by allowing the image of seeing ourselves as our ideal self to exist in our mind, it’s an accelerator to it becoming our reality.  It makes our journey easier.

Athletes regularly use this powerful technique by focusing on their successful performance and sporting outcome – mentally rehearsing the competition scenario and engaging all their senses of sight, smell, touch, taste & hearing. Sir Roger Bannister broke the record and ran a mile in under 4 minutes because he believed he could! (Obviously with a lot of training too 🙂 ). But he visualised himself doing this countless times and never questioned his ability to succeed!!!

Regular visualisation helps to focus your mind on what you want and activates the creative powers of the subconscious mind, motivating it to work harder at creating successful outcomes. And what really turbo-boosts the creative force of your visualisation is imagining how it would FEEL to already be your ideal self.

Because the essence of manifestation doesn’t just lie in pictures & words, but with the vibrational energy of feeling that something already exists!  The excitement, the gratitude & appreciation of already having something you want in your life.

Visualisation Technique

I call this following technique:

Conscious Creation

Manifesting a Successful Future

Take a moment to imagine how your future self would look:  In your mind, see yourself in a full-length mirror.  See yourself as having achieved your goal.  What clothes are you wearing?  What shoes have you on?  How does your hair look?  Use all your senses – are you wearing a perfume or scent you can smell?  What does success smell like?  Can you taste a lipstick, lip salve or even something you’ve just eaten or drunk?  What does success taste like?  What does success sound like? Can you hear people congratulating you? Applauding you?

Look at your face – see your eyes shining, your skin is beautiful, your smile is radiant!  How would you feel?  How confident would you be?  How would you be holding yourself?  How would you move?  What would you be doing?

Imagine that this has already happened!

Allow yourself now to feel joyful & happy as you see yourself in the future!

Start to experience yourself as successful, powerful, peaceful, happy, content, joyous, strong, healthy & vibrant!!!!

Because your subconscious mind doesn’t know if what you’re experiencing is real or not, it simply responds to where you’re putting your focus and gives you more of the same.  By regularly focusing on what you want as if you already have it, your subconscious will help you to have the appropriate thoughts, words & behaviours that support this state of mind and attract the opportunities, possibilities & potentials of your success!

As I already mentioned, we can visualise any sort of success in our lives, but what’s key is not just seeing ourselves as successful but also sensing what it will feel like to be successful!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein