What is the Superconscious Mind?

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There are 3 aspects of our minds:  The conscious, subconscious and, less well-known, the superconscious.  Each has its own unique identity in creating the lives we live. Below I will explain a little more about each one.

 The Conscious Mind

This is the mind of your 5 senses enabling you to consciously experience the physical world.  The conscious mind is what we operate with during our daily activities and waking hours. It represents only a small portion of our consciousness and awareness.

The Subconscious Mind.

This lies below the level of conscious awareness.  It is located in the lower brain and the spine. It records everything we do:  every activity we engage in, our thoughts about those activities, our likes and dislikes about what we encounter each day.  Although nothing is forgotten by the subconscious mind, most of the time this part of our consciousness remains hidden from our everyday awareness. 

However, the subconscious has a tremendous influence on how we think and act when in the conscious state. Hypnosis and relaxation help us to tap into this subconscious part of our mind, to break bad habits, access out-dated or negative beliefs and safely reprogramme them with an up-to-date functionality that is relevant and healthy for our present day needs and requirements.

So what is the Superconscious Mind?  

Quantum physics tells us that nothing in this Universe is solid.  If that is the case, then no matter how tiny each & every atom, molecule or particle is, there must be space between everything.  And if so, then life is more of an energy flow than a collection of solid things.

The superconscious mind encompasses a level of awareness that sees beyond material reality and taps into the energy and consciousness behind that reality.  Some refer to this as the “ether” – the essence of the universe – a flow of electromagnetic waves that permeate all matter and space. I refer to it as “the space between our thoughts”.

The superconscious is where true creativity is found. Expressions of this kind of creativity are distinctive from those that come from the subconscious. The superconscious is where ideas for truly great works of art, music, prose, poetry, great scientific discoveries, and deep spiritual experiences are found.   Profound healing of ailments can also take place in this state.

So how do we access our superconscious?

If we have a really good meditation and feel “fully calm”, then we are beginning to experience a level of superconsciousness.   As we go deeper in meditation and experience a deepening peace, calmness, divine love, and even bliss, then we are experiencing deeper levels of the superconscious.  Einstein described this as the “mystic emotion” – the finest emotion of which we are capable. Myself, I call it joy!

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Stockbridge Spotlight February/March edition


By Gillian Dalgliesh. This article was originally published in the February/March edition of the Stockbridge Spotlight

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